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Managing your money can be very tricky, especially if you have multiple debts. That’s why we created Debito, a unique money lending manager app that helps you manage debts quick and easy. You can monitor who you’re owing money too, who you need to refund and who needs to pay you back.

You can easily track any outstanding debts within the simple interface, and you can add a reminder for every debt based on your own needs. Thanks to Debito, you will know where you did borrow money from and when you have to repay that person. You don’t have to worry about any refund, since Debito makes everything seamless and easier than ever before. This way you can pay people back at your payday, all while knowing who you are owing money to. Of course, Debito works the other way around, since you can figure out who needs to pay you back based on how much you loaned them.

If you always wanted a simple, seamless way to track your debts and what you loaned to other people, give Debito a try today. You get access to an amazing, reliable tool to finally keep an eye on debts the right way!


  • Very simple debt management solution
  • Add and manage debts with ease
  • Set a reminder for every debt

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Podcast Feeder

Want to publish your own podcast?
Create your RSS feed the easy way!
Podcast Feeder helps you to create and edit the RSS feed of your podcast.

Select whether you want to create a new one or edit an existing one. Podcast Feeder makes it easy to create, edit and keep your rss 2.0 feed up to date.

  • Set all needed values for your channel.
  • See a preview of your podcast image.
  • Add, remove and edit episodes of your podcast.
  • Podcast Feeder validates your xml file in front of saving.

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With TimeRecorder it is easy to track the times you spend in one or more projects. Create projects as many as you want. You will find them, clearly represented, on the start screen. Starting and ending of one booking could be made with just one click on the task. This will minimize the operation time and gives you more time for the essential - your work. Do you want to record your travel times, do you have to distinguish between active and passive travel activity? No problem: Create so many projects as you want. There are no restrictions to the number of tasks.

Exporting The export works imaginable easy. Your data will be transferred to your PC or Macintosh via email directly from the app. You don’t have to leave the app to do so. Export your bookings to evaluate or archive them with programs like SAP, Excel or iCalc.


  • No restriction to the number of projects
  • Efficiently handling
  • Easy adding and editing of bookings
  • Export to your HR-system, Excel or similar as CSV-file
  • Optional reminder for open bookings

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